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Progress Teen

Lexi Foster

When you look at Lexi’s picture on the cover of this magazine you see a beautiful, happy all-American girl... READ MORE

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At times, even the happiest people wonder if there could be more. Ever hard working and enthusiastic, Sheri Predebon dreamed of taking her interests further. Already deep into a successful and rewarding career as a pediatric language speech pathologist, she became interested in nutrition’s power to impact the human body. To learn more, Sheri studied to become a holistic nutritional consultant, but admits she wasn’t sure it would go anywhere...
- Sheri Predebon

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Exuding pure joy and passion, Lisa Broadway is a picture of happiness. You can hear the light in her voice as she lovingly speaks of her husband, her 2 children, and the crazy, busy life they share. As a military family, they have lived everywhere from Italy to Virginia Beach.

The joy she embodies now wasn’t always so easy to see. When she moved from Virginia Beach to San Diego, she soon learned that the baggage she carried with her was more than what had to be unpacked from the moving boxes.
- Lisa Broadway

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Dawn Pope has served her community as a dedicated school teacher for 16 years. She is also operates a direct sales business in her “free time” as an independent distributor for the Signature HomeStyles company. She’s a loving wife and a doting mother of her son, Logan. Each day, Dawn’s schedule is jam packed. She works hard, sun up to sun down, for her students, her sales team, and her family. Over the years she’s worked hard to create a life she can enjoy, a life she’s proud of...a life where she gives to others.
- Dawn Pope

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Years ago, Dr. Steve Poulos started on a journey of continuous improvement and change. His quest began long before he started specifically working on personal development. “Change first came when I realized what I had to do to get into dental school,” Steve said. “It involved a lot of discipline and focus.” So he rolled up his sleeves and took the necessary steps to ensure that he could
pursue an education in dental school.
- Dr. Steven Poulos

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imgWhen you meet Courtney Newcomb, you meet a lively, bright-eyed and charming lady. She is one of those people who can chatter away with anyone, and makes you instantly feel comfortable from the moment you meet her. That part has always been true…yet there were many years when the woman behind that beautiful smile was not enjoying her life.
- Courtney Newcomb

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imgChristine Rivinius is a real go-getter. She works hard and gets results as a top performing real estate agent in Bismarck, North Dakota. She’s just as busy in her roles as a devoted wife and mother of two.With such a jam-packed life, Christine isn’t accustomed to taking breaks. There’s just too much to do!
- Christine Rivinius

April 2015

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imgThese are the first words out of Gary’s mouth at thebeginning of our interview for this magazine. He then quickly states that was what he told himself and believed when he first met Michael and approached him about his courses. His intent wasn’t to participate in courses for his own betterment, but for someone special in his life that he wanted to help. “I believed what I ‘thought’ Michael Bernoff taught would be helpful for others. But me? No, not me! industry.
- Gary Musler

March 2015

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img“I have become a man attracted to doing things that scare the crap out of me! Instead of making a list why I shouldn’t do it, I immediately have a list ready of why I SHOULD!”


Brian Lynch wasn’t always the guy who pushed his body beyond all thresholds in races lasting 47 hours. And if you look at Brian’s picture on the cover of this magazine, you’d not jump to the conclusion that he’s extremely successful in the financial services

- Brian Lynch

October 2014

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img“I’ve always known I was designed for great


As a little girl, Rosalie Elliott was surrounded by great role models. Her Dad successfully managed power plants around the world and her Mom created a terrific home environment and nurtured her children.
The perfect childhood. As she grew up and ventured on her own in the world Rosalie strived to truly become BOTH of them--successful professionally AND a successful parent.!
- Rosalie Elliott

July 2014

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imgIn 2007, I decided to start my own practice as a
Naturopathic Medical Doctor and Acupuncturist.
Embarking on this new journey, I didn’t have
much confidence. In many ways I saw myself as a
timid little girl who was rather introverted and
frightened of failure. My fears were holding me
back from being successful in my business. Little
did I know back then just how capable I was of making positive life changing decisions.

Later that year, I joined a networking group where a friend introduced me to Michael Bernoff. After participating in Michael’s Call2Action course, Michael had me thinking in ways that I had never thought before.
- Christina Kovalik

December 2013

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imgGrowing up I had a very supportive family that gave me the confidence to go out in the world and be who ever I aspired to be. My mission in life was to go to college, start my own business, have financial security and support my future family. So I started down that path, beginning with Network Marketing. It was my first real business and I was eager to build it, yet the world around me was very discouraging. That business really beat me up quite a bit, yet I was determined to prove everyone around me wrong and fought through the difficult times to make my business a success. Looking back I realize now that my mindset caused challenges for me. Although that company ended up going under, I continued on as an entrepreneur. In my twenties I had constant peaks and valleys in terms of being an entrepreneur. At thirty years old I achieved a monumental dream of mine which was to create, grow and then sell a business. Finally, I had the time and financial freedom to enjoy the sweet life.
- Nick Unsworth

Sept 2013

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imgWhen we first met, we were both on a path of
improving ourselves...we wanted to grow and
become “more.” We both truly believe that this was what originally gave us the creative spark to open our salon, Fuzz, 17 years ago and our restaurant, Octane, 16 years ago. We had no restaurant experience. We just put our heads down, worked really, really hard, and tried to learn everything we could. We “lived and breathed restaurant” for the first 8 years. It was an incredibly challenging time for us and we came dangerously close to a full-blown burnout. The stress of trying to make the business succeed eventually overshadowed our own personal growth paths -- as individuals and as a couple.
- Daniel & Michelle Minick

April 09, 2013

Download Dan Newcomb Issue!

imgSince September of last year when I started private coaching with Michael, I haven't taken my foot off the gas and have made significant progress. I used to go "gas on", "gas off" and get burned out. Now I have more constant progress in making things happen.

"It's not all or nothing for Dan anymore. I just do a little better than last week" - Dan Newcomb

Dec. 27, 2012. 11:44

Download Sylvie & Kevin's Issue!

imgWe are so grateful that we started our relationship at the same time we began working on ourselves. Our journey based on a foundation of personal development has been a pivotal part of our individual lives, a key element in the success of our businesses, and the reason we are excited to move forward with our life together as husband and wife.

"Our communication skills are the key to the success of our relationship." - Sylvie & Kevin

Sept. 04, 2012. 6:32

Download Jennifer's Issue!

imgWhile I wanted to improve my life, I was at a loss as to how to go about it. Then I went to an event at the suggestion of a friend. It was there that I heard Michael Bernoff speak...this guy could really kick my butt and I need a good butt-kicking!

"Iʼve learned to stand up for myself and speak my mind."
- Jennifer Sutcliffe

April 24, 2012. 1:32

Download Frank's Issue!

imgYou could say that my life was characterized by excessive behaviors and bad patterns until I finally realized that I didnʼt want to live that way anymore. It was then that I met Michael Bernoff, and the tools I learned from him came at just the right time!

"I have a lot more clarity and Iʼm getting results." - Frank Talarico

February 22, 2012. 10:56

Download Lloyd's Issue!

imgI've spent my entire life being overweight. Iʼd never
been able to sustain a weight loss. And then, back
in March of 2008, I had this "aha" moment where I
learned and realized that my values and the beliefs
I had in my life were keeping me unhealthy. So I
changed them. Slowly and steadily I made progress on my health.

"Slowly and steadily I made progress on my health." - Lloyd Lande

January 5, 2011. 11:22

Download Steve's Issue!

img"Initially I wanted to work on communication skills both for myself and with my clients. Being a chiropractor I have attended a lot of seminars, but I was looking for something different that would leave me with the ability to be more effective when I am talking. Michael definitely delivered BIG TIME!"

Within 3 months of my first Core Strength Experience, my client conversion rate jumped from 40 to 80%." - Dr. Steve Hruby

December 1, 2011. 08:16

Download Amy's Issue!

img"I began working with Michael in 2008. I had attended other seminars in the past and actually worked for another speaker right out of college but I found that most – while upbeat – were only delivering canned motivational speeches. They would get you excited, but ultimately had no substance. The first time I heard Michael I knew he was different."

Michael has something that I need to share with others. I need to pay it forward. "Michael has changed my life." - Amy Hart

October 1, 2011. 10:37